Nintendo Teases New Interactive Experience Today

Nintendo Teases New Interactive Experience Today

Nintendo’s Facebook page has teased a new interactive experience for Nintendo Switch will be announced today at 2 P.M. PT and 5 P.M. ET. According to the post, today’s surprise presentation is said to feature something “specially crafted for kids and those who are kids-at-heart.”

Considering that many people can call themselves kids-at-heart due to Nintendo’s impact on the gaming industry over the years, as well as at a personal level, we’re especially curious to see what Nintendo is waiting to announce.

There’s a couple of things that we can gather from the brief announcement. It will be an interactive experience. Wishful thinking aside, perhaps this is Nintendo’s opportunity to use their most popular franchises in a new light. The kids-at-heart bit could possibly mean Nintendo’s poster boy, Mario, could likely be the announcement’s main draw given how recognizable Mario is.

We honestly have no idea what’s in store, but’s always fun to speculate. Especially when it involves the likes of Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch became the fastest selling home console in US history, with 4.8 million units sold within its first 10 months of release. President of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, is adamant that the Nintendo Switch’s continued success relies on attracting an audience who are not already core gamers.

Mammoth Gamers will keep you updated on Nintendo’s upcoming announcement.

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