PS2 Games Playable On PS4 Thanks To Modders

PS2 Games Playable On PS4 Thanks To Modders

The homebrew scene on PS4 is about to get interesting, now that players are able to get classic generation games more easily.

Over the last few months, hackers and modders have managed to find vulnerabilities in PS4 firmware updates that allows them to run PS2 games with ease. This is down with the help of PS4HEN that lets the console read previously-backed-up games without checking.

The effect is small and Sony has been releasing new firmware updates to help plug these holes, however modders have potentially found a new, more interesting application than simply running pirated PS4 games.

Elotrolado is reporting that a new tool allows users to backup PS2 games and run them on PS4.

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The tool, called PS2 Pub Gen, is capable of getting this job done. Modders have been able to use this exploit to load backed up PS4 games. This tool doesn’t work for PS3, which means the PS4’s PS2 emulator is superior, possibly due to its power advantage. Right now, the tech is still in its infancy, but the emulator should be theoretically be able to handle any PS2 game provided its back up.

Of course, it goes without saying that using exploits to load unsigned content is against the Terms of Service and should be done at your own risk; seeing users capable of running PS2 games on a PS4 shows promise to the future of backwards compatible for the console.'

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