Sonic Mastermind Yuji Naka Joins Square Enix

Sonic Mastermind Yuji Naka Joins Square Enix

Acclaimed game designer Yuji Naka says he’s joined Square Enix in an unspecified development role.

Naka is best known as former head of the Sonic Team at Sega. Naka left the Sonic Team at Sega in 2006 to head up his own studio, Prope, which has put out games predominately for Nintendo and mobile platforms. Naka didn’t announce what he’ll be working on at Square Enix, but said his goal was to create an enjoyable game.

Naka confirmed he joined Square Enix in early January, but other details about his employment are scarce at this time. Be sure to keep your eyes on the Mammoth Gamers for further developments.

Dan Santos

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