ESRB Introducing New “In-Game Purchases” Labels for Games

ESRB Introducing New “In-Game Purchases” Labels for Games

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) will soon affix a new label on physical games that feature a variety of paid in-games purchases, including loot boxes, season passes, and DLC.

In response to the recent controversy regarding loot boxes, the ESRB have decided to introduce a new label to help gamers, children, and parents to determine if a game features in-game purchases or not.

The ESRB isn’t flagging loot boxes in particular, but they’re included in a blanket label. The labeling will “be applied to games with in-game offers to purchase digital goods or premiums with real world currency,” the ESRB said in a press release today, “including but not limited to bonus levels, skins, surprise items (such as item packs, loot boxes, mystery awards), usic virtual coins and other forms of in-game currency, subscriptions, season passes and upgrades (e.g., to disable ads”).

The label will appear separate from the familiar ESRB rating label (E-for-Everyone, T-for-Teen, etc.) and not inside it.

In addition to this, the game ratings organization has launched a new site designed to inform parents about in-game purchases and how to enable parental tools to prevent their kids from racking up in-game charges without their permission.

Considering that nearly most games feature some form of in-game purchase, it seems like this a way for the ESRB to address both the parental and the political concerns regarding the recent loot-box controversy without having to dive directly into the feud.

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