The Ideal New Star Wars Game

The Ideal New Star Wars Game

Star Wars games have had a unique history throughout their past, and present. The timeline of Star Wars games is unique in that in the past, games like Knights Of The Old Republic, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight, and others seemed to have captured the magic, excitement, and tradition of the Star Wars Saga. However, the present has not seemed to have captured the same magic that fans have loved over the years. I for one believe that magic can still be re-imagined in a new Star Wars game, but in order for the ideal Star Wars game to happen, fans are going to have to come together and begin a movement to get shareholders’ attention. Shall we dub it #IdealStarWarsGame? Let’s get it trending! Here’s some ideas to start off with for the ideal Star Wars game.

For starters, most people absolutely love storytelling in video games. And in Star Wars, the story is what drives the game. Knights Of The Old Republic had a killer story. The type of story that captivated you, and in addition, one that was very memorable. This is the type of storytelling that needs to be included in the ideal Star Wars game. Choices. Consequences for actions. Relationships. Story driven games have evolved so much over the years and giving the player the ability to drive their own narrative along with incorporating massive decisions that change the linear outset that we are so used to would be most welcome in a Star Wars game like this. These all need to be incorporated somehow into the story and take the captain’s seat of the Millenium Falcon and make sure that the next new Star Wars game makes the jump to lightspeed (preferably without a broken hyperdrive generator).

As far as combat systems go, I think the ideal Star Wars game would benefit from using first person and third person as Star Wars Battlefront II currently utilizes today. However, what I would like to see is first person lightsaber combat. This is something that we haven’t seen since the days of Jedi Knight. It is a simple idea for a more civilized age, so why do we not see it happen more often today?

Now this next idea may go off tangent a bit, but hear me out. IF and only if it is done correctly, I think the next ideal Star Wars game should incorporate THE OPTION (which means you can play the game this way if you so choose) to play it in VR. I know a lot of you do not care about VR and do not want to see it succeed. But imagine playing a Star Wars game with accurate motion while you hold a blaster in hand shooting Stormtroopers while trying to escape the clutches of the First Order? Imagine holding a lightsaber as you duel with Darth Vader or Kylo Ren. Now take that idea into a full game – NOT just an experience and what you have is a game that has a VR campaign mode that doesn’t take anything away from the original campaign. The VR scene is wide open right now – think about it. There are plenty of VR games out there but this could blow the blast doors right off.

Finally, top the new Star Wars game off, with a nod to multiplayer would definitely be a go but with not as strong of a focus for the overall experience. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that loot crates do not need to be a part of the multiplayer experience. Wipe them out. All of them. There is no need for them, and the general public consensus is that we all hate them. I understand the financial and business aspect of it but this deal is getting worse all the time.

So there it is; I’ve planted the seed, it is up to you to grow it as far as the next new Star Wars game. First person lightsaber combat, a strong VR campaign, and to go along with it, a story that has what we have come to know and love about Star Wars throughout the years that is driven by the player giving them abundant endings to endure and choices with multiple endings giving the player maximum replayability. But this is just the start. These ideas, incorporated with others could give us the most complete and ideal Star Wars game we have seen in decades. We already know we have a Star Wars game on the way from Respawn but the details on that are pretty far and few at the moment.  So let’s hear it? What is your #IdealStarWarsGame? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter @Mammoth_Gamers. For more on all things Star Wars, make sure you keep your coordinates locked to Mammoth Gamers!

Albert Perkins

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