Kojima Productions Shoutout Found in Metal Gear Survive

Kojima Productions Shoutout Found in Metal Gear Survive

It’s been almost three years now since Hideo Kojima, the critically acclaimed video game producer, left Konami. After the harsh split between the two in late 2015, Konami revealed that they would continue to produce Kojima’s most beloved franchise, the Metal Gear series.

Needless to say, this news did not go over well with fans of the series, as Kojima’s direction and creativity provided the heart and soul of the admittedly strange games. The general opinion of Konami only grew worse as they revealed that their newest Metal Gear game after the split was a 2016 Metal Gear Solid 3 pachinko game.

Over the past few years, fans of Kojima and his works have still not forgiven Konami for their treatment of the developer during his final years at the company. When Metal Gear Survive was announced, gamers were displeased. One only had to glance at the like-to-dislike ratio of any official video involving the game to understand how badly fans were against Metal Gear Survive’s production by a post-Kojima Konami.

However, while Kojima may have left Konami, it is clear that the producers of Metal Gear Survive still respect his legacy. In the opening cutscene, once the player had chosen their codename, a paper detailing a list of agents is seen. These names follow the standard Metal Gear procedure of an adjective/noun followed by an animal (eg. Revolver Ocelot, Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf). On the sheet, a secret message can be found hidden in ten names.

After skipping the first three names, the first letter of each animal half spells out “KJP FOREVER.” This acts as a clear tribute to Kojima Productions, the company founded by Kojima after he and Konami parted ways.

This code was discovered by Reddit user 1005Horatio on February 25th, five days after Metal Gear Survive’s release. The game itself has had a fairly rough start, no doubt owed to the overall animosity Konami has garnered.

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