Liquet Lens from GUNNAR Optiks Arrives in Style

Computer eyewear brand, GUNNAR Optiks, has just announced that their new Liquet Lens eyeglasses are now available. Like the Amber and Crystalline lens types before it, the Liquet Lens and GUNNAR Optiks frames are designed to cut down on digital eye strain. If you’ve never heard of computer glasses before you can learn more about why fans are excited for the Liquet Lens below.

At any given point, most people are spending hours in front of an LCD screen. Smartphones, televisions, computer monitors, portable gaming systems, and more hit our poor unprotected eyeballs with blue light. After hours of prolonged exposure this blue light can trigger everything from sore eyes to headaches. GUNNAR is perhaps best known within the gaming community for their recognizable Amber Lenses and stylish frames.

Based on GUNNAR’s Blue-Light Protection Factor, the bold Amber Lenses we’ve grown used to seeing on gaming convention floors are 60 BPF. The BPF translates to the minimum percentage of the blue light that these lenses will block. This makes the Amber the strongest option to combat blue light at 65%. The Crystalline Lenses rank in at 10 BPF and are nearly void of tint, giving the wearer the GUNNAR frames with the added bonus of blue light protection. These have long been touted as a good option for graphic designers who may be hindered by the Amber Lens coloring or office workers that want the benefit of GUNNARs, but not the intensity of the Amber.

The newly released Liquet Lenses give fans of the brand the long awaited the perfect Goldilocks option! With a BPF rank of 35 and only a hint of tinting on the lens Liquet Lens promise to give wearers a significant amount of blue light protection with a look far more subtle than the Amber Lenses GUNNAR started out with. As of today, the Liquet Lens type is available in the Enigma and Haus frame styles.

Fresh off their recent appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, GUNNAR Optiks hopes to become your go-to glasses for eye strain reduction. For more news on the physical and digital aspects of the gaming world save Mammoth Gamers to your bookmarks!

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