Little Dragons Cafe: Harvest Moon Creator Announces New Game

Little Dragons Cafe: Harvest Moon Creator Announces New Game

Yasuhiro Wada, the highly-acclaimed creator of the Harvest Moon series, is partnering with Aksys Games to launch a new title called Little Dragons Cafe.

Little Dragons Cafe, which has been in development since 2016, will feature a pair of siblings whose mother has recently fallen into a deep slumber. In order to save her, the siblings must raise a dragon while managing their family cafe. In between learning new recipes, running the business, and improving your cooking skills, players must raise their newfound dragon friend. The title will reportedly launch in summer of 2018 for both the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Little Dragons Cafe

When compared to traditional Harvest Moon games, which focus primarily on farming and livestock, the premise of Little Dragons Cafe seems to be a unique adventure for gamers to undergo. However, considering that the game seems to rely on a variety of ingredients and recipes for cooking it would be safe to assume that similar elements will make their return in this game.

(An Aksys representative described the game as, “the Real Dragon Husbandry Simulator™ you’ve been pining for!” I’ll admit that with a description like that, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.)

Akibo Shieh, founder and CEO of Aksys Games, has been longtime friends with Wada, so it comes as no surprise that the pair has finally decided to collaborate on a project together. However, since many of Wada’s most recent games were predominantly released for handheld systems, it will be interesting to see how Little Dragons Cafe comes to life on larger consoles.

Wada’s last game was Birthdays the Beginning, a game about creating life in tiny garden-like worlds. While Birthdays the Beginning had mixed reviews, the Harvest Moon series has been a long time favorite through the ages for Nintendo fans. Perhaps Little Dragons Cafe will become the fresh face of a much-beloved franchise.

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