Naruto Storm Trilogy Headed to Nintendo Switch in Japan

Naruto Storm Trilogy Headed to Nintendo Switch in Japan

Bandai Namco will be porting the Naruto Storm Trilogy to the Nintendo Switch. Currently, there are no details about the what differences the game will have. It is exclusive to Japan for now, with no information on the release window. The trilogy will include all the DLC available for Naruto Storm 3.

The Storm Trilogy will include Naruto Storm 1-3. It will not feature Storm Generations, Storm Revolutions, and the latest Storm 4. The Storm Trilogy is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. They are also available individually on these consoles, however, such is not the case for Switch release.

A scan of the reveal has been uploaded and translated by Shonen Gamez, which you can view below. It is from the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump:

Naruto Storm is a 3D, arena-style fighting game. It features cell-shaded graphics that resembles the anime and many playable characters from the show. The first Storm game came out for PlayStation 3 in 2008. There is now a total of 6 games for the Storm series, which spans across the PS3 and PS4 generations.

The Naruto Storm games have decent critical success, scoring in the high 70s on Metacritic. Accessible gameplay and anime-styled graphics are the key characteristics of the series. However, the game’s simplistic fighting mechanics may not interest those who are fans of hardcore fighters.

The first three games cover most of the Naruto story, starting from the original show. Storm 2 ends with the defeat of Pain, while Storm 3 takes the plot to Great Ninja War. Aside from the story, there are other game modes such as online and local versus, survival and bonus missions.

This isn’t the first Bandai Namco fighting game that has a Nintendo Switch port. Last year saw the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on the Switch.

Are there any other Bandai Namco games you would like to see on the Switch? For more updates on the Naruto Storm trilogy, keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers.'

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