PUBG Hits 30M Sold, But Player Base Drops

PUBG Hits 30M Sold, But Player Base Drops

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds underwent an explosion of sales and player base growth last year, and that number has reached a new milestone by reaching 30 million sales this past week on Steam.

This number doesn’t even include the 4 million players on Xbox One.

Unfortunately, these numbers don’t reflect the number of players actually playing the game, as player numbers are dropping. Since the beginning of 2018, there has been several million less active players populating the PUBG’s servers on your average day. This decline has started and the numbers continue to drop with each passing day.

pubg hits 30m

But where are all these players going? Although it’s possible most players have simply grown tired of the game and have moved onto new things, perhaps their player base could be affected by recent bans.

The amount of cheating in PUBG is high, and Bluepoint has recently implemented a new anti-cheat software called BattleEye, to help weed out cheaters from ruining the experience for others. The BattleEye has banned more than a million players in January alone, so you can expect the decline in players to continue at this rate. But even with this new anti-cheat software, cheating still exists in PUBG.

The decline in PUBG is real and can have numerous causes, but until more numbers are released its hard to determine the cause. All this being said, PUBG is still dominating Steam’s most played games and continues to peak on the Twitch.

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