Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Siege- Operation Chimera

Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Siege- Operation Chimera

During this year’s Rainbow Six Siege Invitational, Ubisoft announced Operation Chimera. Similar to other operations this will include two new operators. 

This new game mode is called Mission Outbreak in which you fight a parasite outbreak that attacks the adrenal glands of patients which will lead to zombie-like enemies. So far, based off of the leaks released by Ubisoft, we can assume that there are different levels to each infected person adding some variation to gameplay. To try their best to make this new mode fair Ubisoft is only allowing eleven operators to take part. These are the two new operators as well as Ying, Buck, Ash, Glaz, Smoke, Kapkan, Tachanka, Doc, and Recruit. Ubisoft is slowly leaking more information over on their website so keep track on that to see the latest on Mission Outbreak.

The two new operators released in Operation Chimera are Lion and Finka and they are both on the attacking side. These two operators are from CBRN, a fictional international special forces agency. This makes Finka and Lion some of the few operators who are not backed by a real life counterpart. Finka, the female operator, has health boosting nanobots at her disposal. These, when activated, gives your team faster reloading and movement speed, plus 40 health, and a free revive if someone on your team happens to be down. Lion, the French male operative, comes equipped with his drone Ee-One-D which, when activated, will track one member on the defending team any time they are moving.

The Operation Chimera event will run for four weeks from March 6th until April 3rd for all consoles.  The new operators will go live the same day, along with a new cooperative game mode. If you use the test server on PC you can access it on February 20th.

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