Release Date for Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Revealed

Release Date for Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Revealed

That’s right, the blue blur himself will be hitting the big screen years after the initial movie concept was made public in 2014. The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that the first live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie will be released on November 15th, 2019.

Paramount Pictures will be in charge of bringing this movie to life, after Sony Pictures abandoned the project in 2017.

Tim Miller, known for his direction of Deadpool, has been officially signed on to be the executive producer for the movie. He will be working along with Fast and Furious producer Neal Moritz. What this means for the direction and tone of the Sonic film, one can only imagine.

The movie has been confirmed to be a mix of both live-action and CGI, making it the first official Sonic the Hedgehog movie to do so, as the only previous movie, had been entirely 2D animation. Then again, there was also the 2013 fan movie that incorporated CGI and live-action, but that is a relic of the past now.

We don’t know what to anticipate from this admittedly unexpected addition to the Sonic franchise. However, if there’s one thing the Sonic Team is good at, it’s exploiting the unusual charm derived from Sonic’s “way past cool” lifestyle and over-the-top attitude.

Whatever the Sonic movie has in store for us is sure to bring Sonic fans cascades of entertainment, be it genuine or ironic.

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