Super Mario Odyssey Update Now Available for Download

Update: Well that was quick. The Super Mario Odyssey update is available now! Enjoy!

Original Story: It seems that Luigi’s Balloon World and new costumes will be coming to Super Mario Odyssey later this week.

Originally, Nintendo of Australia had a link that directed people to the Super Mario Odyssey update page and announced it would be available to download February 23rd, but it has since been taken down. However, one Twitter user, Nibellion, saved the original link and has saved a few official pictures showing off Mario in the new outfits you can earn. These outfits include a musician suit, similar to the band members of New Donk City, a Hawaiian shirt boasting Shine Sprites straight from Super Mario Sunshine, and, finally, a suit of knights armor.

As for the update itself, for those who haven’t heard or seen Nintendo’s recent Direct, the update will include a new competitive balloon-finding game mode to Super Mario Odyssey called Luigi’s Balloon World. As the name entails, Luigi’s Balloon World will task players in each world to either find or hide balloons. Players will have 30 seconds to go anywhere on the map to hide a balloon. If you choose to find a balloon, players will be given the same amount of time to try and find a balloon that another player hid. This new competitive mode will also feature its own set of leaderboards. This new game mode can found in each world by finding and talking to Luigi.  

New filters for Odyssey’s photo mode will be included in the update as well.

If this Luigi update doesn’t launch this week, then expect it to come very very soon. It’s one thing to have a link taken down, it’s another when official never before seen artwork gets released at the same time. Super Mario Odyssey is available for the Nintendo Switch now. Be sure to check our thoughts on the game here. (Spoilers: It’s really good.)

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