Twitch Introduces Rooms, A New Way to Chat with Your Community

Twitch Introduces Rooms, A New Way to Chat with Your Community

Twitch has introduced a new feature for streamers that will allow them to create special chat rooms, separate from the standard Twitch chat, where viewers can privately chat to one another.

These channels, dubbed “Rooms”, can be either public or private and are designed to create separate chats for specific reasons. For example, if a streamer wants to talk about the new Black Panther movie, they can create a separate chat where fans can hop in to discuss what happened while avoiding spoilers to the rest of the audience.

Think of it like Discord, where you can create separate channels to discuss different topics with your friends.

Streamers can also create a private Rooms that only certain people can access and see such as moderators. This means not every room will be visible to everyone. However, all conversations and behaviors in these Rooms must still fit Twitch’s rules, so certain hateful conduct involving topics such as gender or race is still not allowed in Rooms. Twitch has recently introduced new community guidelines to crack down on hate speech and harassment.

These Rooms are also active 24/7 so fans can hop in to chat whether the streamer is online or not. This makes it easy to stay in the discussion without having to wait for your streamer to start streaming again.

According to a press release, the decision to implement the Rooms feature came from community requests in an attempt to make its platform more user friendly.

It’s no surprise Twitch wanted to create a Discord-like feature since most streamers create their own Discord so they can stay active with their community. While that may or may not have been the official case, it’s nice to see Twitch add new features for better communication between the streamer and their audience.

The Rooms feature is available now.

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