Deadpool 2 Official Trailer Released

It’s finally here. The official trailer for Deadpool 2 was released earlier today, bringing all the humor and hype associated with the merc with a mouth.

The trailer sheds some light on the plot of the latest Deadpool movie, and does so in typical Deadpool fashion: full of 4th wall breaking witticism and over-the-top action. The basic layout of the plot appears to be that Cable (Cyclops from X-Men’s son from the future), has arrived to kill a child who is in possession of a dangerous, explosive power. Deadpool creates his own team (cheekily named the “X-Force”) with characters such as Domino and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. The team bands together to stop Cable and save the child and the world, although whether they’re mutually exclusive is unclear.

While the plot may seem a tad cliche, Deadpool never misses a chance to viciously deconstruct the tropes we’ve grown used to seeing in action-packed comic book movies. The trailer exhibits all the crude jokes and gratuitous violence the audience has come to expect from a Deadpool movie, and ends with a snarky discussion about milking movie franchises.

The introduction of the X-Force team will be interesting, as its comic book counterpart was originally led by Cable himself, and they were infamous for their more militant approach to fighting criminals. Deadpool has been a member of their constantly swapping roster for years, so it makes sense that Deadpool 2 would include the team along with Cable’s first film appearance.

Deadpool 2 will be released in theaters May 18th, so be sure to check in with Mammoth Gamers for more news regarding reviews and other comic book news!


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