Overwatch’s Uprising Returns in April

Overwatch’s Uprising Returns in April

Overwatch’s Uprising event will be returning for another round next month. Starting on Tuesday, April 10th, the Uprising mode will be live again, focusing on the history of the Overwatch team.

The Uprising mode is a four-player co-op mission where players can team up and fight wave after wave of Omnic robots during Tracer’s first mission as an Overwatch agent. The seasonal event will also feature the return of more than 100 loot box items that reveal the stories of the original members of Overwatch, while bringing in some new items for the second run.

Earlier today, a teaser went live on the official Overwatch Twitter suggesting the return of Uprising. The short video shows that the Uprising mission archives that will be declassified April 10th.

So far, it’s unclear if the event will be exactly the same as the previous year. Occasional glitches during the video suggest that there may be more to this teaser than just a simple return of this new mode. If you notice closely, when the video glitches it references a classified “File 00274” that was recorded eight years ago. Will we be seeing this top secret mission during the new Uprising event? Let’s hope Blizzard has something clever up their sleeves for the fans.

This is Overwatch’s most recent limited-time event, following February’s Lunar New year event. More information is expected to appear before its launch.

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