Power Rangers Jason David Frank Is Lord Drakkon In Shattered Grid

Power Rangers Jason David Frank, a series original, and a ranger who has starred in multiple other Power Rangers series as Tommy Oliver has released a new trailer for the upcoming comic book ‘Shattered Grid’. In the trailer for Shattered Grid, JDF plays as an alternate reality Tommy Oliver as Lord Drakkon who sided with Rita Repulsa. His ultimate objective and destiny? Nothing short of destroying all of the Power Rangers throughout all generations. The trailer shows off Lord Drakkon in full Ranger suit, watching in anger as Power Rangers from multiple generations are shown morphing, powering up, and saving the world time and time again. In the promo, you can even see Tommy using Rita Repulsa’s original staff that was used during the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series as well.

power rangers jason david frank

Can’t get much more epic than this.

As a well known star to the series, Power Rangers Jason David Frank has surely sparked hype for the upcoming comic Shattered Grid which is expected to drop in stores on March 28th. In addition to the hype, he has also sparked conversation from some fans into making the comic into a live action movie series. This in large part due to its high production value on the trailer created. What do you guys think? Would Shattered Grid make for a great Power Rangers film? It certainly sounds like a great opportunity for Netflix or YouTube right? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. For more on Power Rangers Jason David Frank, and Shattered Grid, make sure you keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers!

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