Square Enix is looking into Chrono Trigger Steam release issues

Square Enix is looking into Chrono Trigger Steam release issues

It’s safe to say Chrono Trigger’s PC release didn’t pan out as well as Square Enix expected.

Hailed as one of the best RPGs of all time, Chrono Trigger has recently seen a new port on Steam much to many fans’ surprise. Unfortunately, this PC port didn’t rate as well as Square Enix planned, with the game sitting on a “mostly negative” (39% positive) review rating.

The negativity stems from the fact that the game on Steam is a port of the mobile version released on iOS and Android, which retains the visuals, large menus, and touch controls that allowed the game to run on phones and tablets.

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In an effort to reflect some of the negative backlash, Square Enix has addressed the issues on Chrono Trigger’s news page on Steam, asking fans to wait for updates.

Hi everyone, thank you for the feedback you’ve shared so far regarding Chrono Trigger.

We wanted to let you know that we are reading and listening to your messages and are aware of all of the issues that you’ve raised, which we are currently assessing. Please keep an eye on the Steam page for further information.

Thanks for your patience and support, the Chrono Trigger team

Chrono Trigger initially released on SNES back in 1995. Since then, Chrono Trigger has been a critical and commercial success upon release, citing as one of the best video games and RPGs of all time.

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