Detroit: Become Human Goes Gold, Demo Tomorrow

Detroit: Become Human Goes Gold, Demo Tomorrow

Quantic Dream has announced today that Detroit: Become Human has officially gone gold.

Guillaume de Fondaumiere, co-CEO of Quantic Dream, wrote on the PlayStation Blog thanking the Detroit: Become Human community for their constant support. To celebrate this milestone, fans are getting the chance to play Detroit: Become Human. Starting tomorrow, April 24, a demo will be available on the PlayStation 4.

“To help you pass the time as you hold on just a little while longer for the game’s release on May 25th, I am extremely happy to announce that the very first scene of the game, Hostage, will be available for download on the PS Store starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 24 at [12:01] AM Eastern Standard Time.”

Fondaumiere wrote.

The demo focuses on a chapter we saw called “Hostage.” In this scene, you play as Connor, an android programmed to hunt down disobedient androids, which are on the rise. You must figure out how to defuse an intense hostage situation by searching for clues and making dialogue choices.

“As part of the Hostage demo experience, there’s also an extended Alexa Skill. Properly named “CyberLife,” the Alexa Skill will provide you guidance and additional intel about this near future android filled world. As you take on the role of Connor, the CyberLife Skill will help guide you in your decision making throughout the investigation process, while giving you a deeper look at the various characters involved within the Hostage demo. It will also give you insights on how you can best alter your decision within the experience that could result in a different ending outcome.”

Detroit: Become Human is the newest game from David Cage and his team at Quantic Dream, best known story-focused games involving choice, such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Detroit: Become Human launches on May 25th exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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