Romance Isn’t Dead, Just Ask a Fortnite Prom Date

Romance Isn’t Dead, Just Ask a Fortnite Prom Date

Fornite has exploded in popularity this year—even Drake joined in on the fun—but one demographic that the game has seen tons of success within is kids and teens. One of the cutest stories coming out of all this buzz comes in the form of a Fornite prom date. That’s right; creative teens are using the game to ask out their crushes. Suddenly flowers and chocolate don’t seem quite as romantic.


While this certainly isn’t an unheard of trend, people have been asking for dates on games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and others, for years, but it is sweet to see the next generation of gamers keeping the tradition alive with their very own Fornite prom date proposals.


Some schools have even taken an extra step—forget a DJ and punch—and actually had the game available for play at their high-school dance.


I didn’t even have a date to my own prom, let alone video games to play during it. I’m starting to think my own high school experience was sorely lacking, but I digress. One of the coolest things about this trend is it subverts a few well-known tropes of gaming:

  1. Kids who play video games are unpopular or “nerds.”
  2. Your girlfriend won’t play video games and won’t know anything about them.

The fact that there are so many Fornite prom proposals, and the fact that some of them are even initiated by girls, makes me wonder if people’s perception of video games is finally starting to change.


As video games continue to become more and more mainstream, I’m sure we’ll see many more game-inspired romances in the future. Fortnite prom dates and Fortnite proms, what’s next, Fornite weddings?

Actually….that’s not a bad idea. Epic Games should look into that.


Sarah Hecker is an avid gamer, social media enthusiast, and aspiring cat lady. She is the community manager at Mammoth Gamers, as well as a contributing writer covering video games, pop culture, and breaking news.