Victory Royale: What The Winners Have That You Don’t

I bet I can call out a few of your personality traits simply from how much Fortnite you’ve played. How? We’ll get to that in a second. For now, a few questions for you. How much Fortnite have you played in the last week? 10 games? 20 games? Maybe even 50+ games!? If you’re like me, you’ve spent a consistent chunk of your time building brick walls and firing off RPG rockets at any puny forts that stand in your way of that satisfying Victory Royale.

Out of all those games you’ve played, how many have you won? Ahhhhh, now your memory is getting a little foggy, huh? It’s okay, I’m right there with you. Getting that #1 spot on Fortnite is thrilling, BUT extremely difficult. You’re going up against 100 other players for heaven’s sake! It’s a daunting achievement only grabbed by the best of the best. I can say that a lot of my victories have been lucky thus far. When your final opponent walks off the edge of his own fort, your victory loses a bit of its luster.

For those of you who do manage to get the victory often, you, my friend, are something special. The respect (AND fear) I have when I face a John Wick, is a testament to how much skill and persistence each top-tier player has. Let’s break down what makes you so special.

You’re Persistent

It’s not easy mastering the skills required for a Fortnite win. You must play many hours honing your strategies to come up with the best play style for you. Unless you’re some type of Fortnite elite, you won’t get the victory every time you play, so you spend a lot of time running games until you get the well-deserved win. After that, you play even more. That practice is needed, and you can always tell an experienced player from one who is just getting their feet wet, usually by the crappy fort they build to ward off an attacker. “Hey sir, you left a gigantic opening behind your… never mind” *shotgun blast*. You know what I mean.

You’re Aggressive

The players that scare me the most in Fortnite are those who attack you relentlessly. These guys don’t care how big your fort is or what weapons you may be packing, they just want to take you down. The aggressive players are usually the ones who make it to the top 5 with a bunch of kills and watching this guy fight others, makes onlookers keep their distance. Aggression is the way to success (said no one ever) in a game of Fortnite. I find that when I play more defensively, I usually get taken out a lot faster. A guy running toward another player full speed, while simultaneously crafting a fort above their head, will create confusion and cowardice in their heart. I know because I’ve been that guy running in fear.

You’re Crafty

It goes without saying that you must be pretty good at building if you want to make it to the top spot in Fortnite. The quick reaction needed for players to get out of a seemingly impossible situation is key, and the best players know this. There have been times where I felt like I had an easy kill on an enemy who didn’t even know I was there. One slip of the trigger and the player knew where I was and how to crush my opportunity. If you want to be good at Fortnite, you MUST build, plain and simple. Quick Tip: go to your controller settings and switch your button scheme from “combat pro” to “builder pro,” and you can see a major difference. You’re welcome.

You Work Well with Others

Running a game of squads with a team of four is a big part of the fun in Fortnite. When going against other squads, you need to make sure your team is well coordinated. Winning a solo match is difficult but winning a squad match maybe even more so. The players you down won’t automatically die, so you must plan your attack accordingly and execute with your brothers and sisters in arms. Flanking becomes a key strategy and the team can plan around each other’s strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you’re a good builder and your teammate is a better combatant, let him take out the enemy while you build a defense for future attacks. This will help ensure you guys snag that Victory Royale.

You’re A Perfectionist

I really enjoy Fortnite, as do many others, but I don’t play a lot anymore. That top tier John Wick skin is becoming more and more ambitious for me by the day and I can assume I won’t be wearing a slick suit anytime soon. Many players play so hard and so long simply because they want to garner that accolade of wearing that suit and completing all the challenges. You gotta admit, there’s some level of respect when you see a John Wick player running through the open fields. You know that suit doesn’t come easy and you must be on your toes if you want to beat that guy.

Being a beast at Fortnite is something reserved for the players who hold these traits. If you don’t have them then you should consider incorporating them into your psyche for the sake of those Fortnite victories! For more on Fortnite, stay here at Mammoth Gamers.

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