International Tabletop Day 2018

International TableTop Day is April 28th! A day for gathering around a table, grabbing your pencils and pens, your graph paper and sheets, and most importantly; a day for telling your friend Nick that this is the third game you’ve played with him, why doesn’t he understand how the basic abilities of the game work. It’s also a day for charity streams or going out and meeting new people at an event!

Tabletop games include anything from board games to tile-based games; anything that involves the top of a table. These are great for family gatherings, ensuring no one has to actively talk about anything that isn’t right in front of them; or buying everyone’s property on the board so they won’t talk to you. They are also great for team building; from slaying a dragon and sharing loot, to hanging out with coworkers and hoping to draw the right cards to win the last doughnut. Friends and memories can be made through almost any tabletop game, and as any power outage will tell you; most tables and papers don’t require anything more than some brain power and a smile.

Tabletop games can keep the mind sharp, keep a smile on any winner’s face, and ensure one or two laughs for anyone. Even if that game is just Bingo! Who doesn’t love calling out Bingo numbers and getting to jump and scream “BINGO!” If Bingo isn’t your cup of tea, then try some Solitaire or Checkers, or even Chess! So this April 28th, let’s get our friends or family together so we can enjoy some quality time. Let the family engage over something other than television, and let the friendships be more than Facebook and screens! Dust off those cards and board games for tomorrow, folks!

If you are looking for other ways to get involved in International Tabletop day, check out to find event locations, a prep guide, a stream schedule, and other helpful info on how to partake this Saturday! You’ll even be able to learn how to help those without water find a fresh drink through attending the listed events!

When Jonathan isn't playing video games or cooking, he is writing poetry and computer code. He enjoys PC gaming, but won't let go of his roots in handheld and console gaming. If it isn't his PlayStation 4 or Vita, then it is his Nintendo 3DS or GameBoy Advance. He also enjoys a good Billy Collins poem, while enjoying some homemade caramel.