Iron Spider Suit Is In Marvel’s Spider-Man

Iron Spider Suit Is In Marvel’s Spider-Man

In a fair bit of marketing, James Stevenson, Community Director for Insomniac Games, announced via the official PlayStation Blog that all gamers who pre-order Marvel’s Spider-Man will receive the Iron Spider suit for use in the game.

The Iron Spider suit is directly inspired by its appearance in the hugely anticipated Avengers: Infinity War. With the movie opening this very weekend, we’ve yet to see how much of a step up it is from “Suit Lady” or “Karen”, the name Peter Parker gave to his suit’s AI in Spider-Man Homecoming. That being said, Stevenson confirms that Insomniac has implemented special “suit powers” that are unique to all of Spider-Man’s suits that span comics, movies, and even Insomniac’s own creations. What I would give to be able to use my PS4’s mic to talk to “Karen” as I swing around Manhattan in the Iron Spider suit.

Marvel's Spider-Man

When Marvel’s Spider-Man got its official release date, Insomniac shared that a pre-order bonus would be the opportunity to get three alternate costumes. The first costume that was revealed was the Spider-Punk costume in which Spidey sports a mohawk, jean jacket, and some snazzy sneakers. The Iron Spider costume marks the second costume. The third costume is set for reveal in July. What could it be? I’m a fan of the Miles Morales, Ben Reilly, and Spider-Man 2099 suits. Then again, there’s always the opportunity to do some gag costumes like the Amazing Bag-Man, when Spidey had to borrow a Fantastic 4 costume and put a paper bag on his head after being separated from the alien symbiote.

Stevenson goes on to say that he and the team at Insomniac were granted access by Marvel themselves to the Iron Spider suit’s designs. It’ll truly be an authentic experience when we play the game. Additionally, Stevenson teases that the Iron Spider suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man will also showcase a suit power that will be seen in Avengers: Infinity War.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is looking spectacular with each new tidbit of information that comes our way. What Spider-Man costumes would you like to see in the game? Also, keep your eyes open for Mammoth Gamers’ own review for Avengers: Infinity War coming soon! Marvel’s Spider-Man releases exclusively for PlayStation 4 on September 7, 2018. For more information on Marvel’s Spider-Man, be sure to look out for Mammoth Gamers.

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