Microsoft Announces HoloLens: IVR – The Next Step In Virtual Reality

Microsoft Announces HoloLens: IVR – The Next Step In Virtual Reality

In an announcement that may come to be known as one of the biggest leaps in gaming technology, Microsoft has announced the HoloLens: IVR.   The IVR is the next step in virtual reality gaming, allowing you to bring the games, to the real world. While we have been told some small bits, the full reveal is coming later this year at E3.

The IVR is a completely self contained virtual reality device, and while they have not released the full specs for it yet. We do know that it has its own Bluetooth hub, and data receiver, allowing it to receive information from both Microsoft, and other IVR’s in the world around it. But why would you need it you might ask?

The concept, while done before in movies and books is groundbreaking.  It allows you to turn yourself into a real life avatar, allowing you to customize yourself in any outfit, armor, or gaming skin you choose.  The best part? While you have your IVR on, you are able to see others avatars, and they are able to see and interact with yours. You can swap, rate and eventually battle other people all in the virtual world, and now, sort of in real life as well.

They have announced there will be limited games at launch, limited to games such as Fruit Ninja, and what seems like Minecraft, but they hope to introduce more in the years to come after launch.  Avatar support will be the main focus as they slowly bring the programs online.

Mircosoft also confirmed some of the “skins” that will be available at launch.  Currently, the list includes multiple characters from Halo, Assassins Creed, Titanfall, and the Sunset Overdrive Wardrobe. With more to be announced later this year at their E3 briefing.

Click here for the full press-release, and make sure you stay tuned for all the up and coming HoloLens: IVR news!

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