Mootcast Episode 1: Hangover Boyz and God of War

Mootcast Episode 1: Hangover Boyz and God of War

The Mootcast is just a couple of BFF’s talking about some GVG’s. That’s “Good Video Games” to people in the know. Only sometimes they’re bad video games. Like Mary Kate and Ashley’s Get a Clue for the Gameboy Color. Come cringe with us as we learn our way around the internet. This week, Mark and Brian introduce themselves as the goobers they are. We learn that not all Gameboy Color games are timeless classics, God of War may or may not be good, that Mark is dumb, and Brian likes cool things. Brian got to write the description this week. Join us by listening to Mootcast Episode 1: Hangover Boyz.

Topics of conversation this week include God of War, Dead cells, Mary Kate and Ashley’s Get a Clue, Virtual Boy eye strain, our laughable lack of formatting, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. There were some minor issues in post-production that led to some unbalanced and incomplete audio, for which we apologize. We’ll nail it next week, we promise. Brian will also be less hung over and maybe add inflection to at least one word he says. Maybe.

And now a brief smashing of the champagne bottle on this sonically mediocre ship from my partner in crime and fellow writer, Mark Kriska:

“They say cats land on their feet. Well spoiler alert, we aren’t cats. We don’t land on our feet, we roll like Paul Blart. We don’t know what we are doing. However, we do know we look good doing it (Brian’s note: Debatable). This is our first episode of what we hope is a long-running podcast. It really has no point, but hopefully is something everyone can come to love (Brian’s note: Also debatable).

We are just two best friends that love video games and stupid conversations.  And meaningful (Brian’s note: Sometimes) debates between a console gamer and a “who the fuck cares, as long as it’s a good game” gamer (Brian’s note: The right kind). This first episode finds us not really talking about anything, but is a good look into our personalities. After we get a few more episodes under our belts and our nervousness diminishes, I’m sure we will come into our own (Brian’s note: Probably). So thank you for listening to us ramble about nothing and God of War at the same time. We hope you follow us on this journey into the inky black abyss that is internet.”

Tune in next week to find out if we can pull ourselves together, and in the meantime hit up the comments section to tell us what a bad job we did.

Episode run time: 00:40:23

Publish date: 4/24/2018'

Brian Miller plays video games. Sometimes he writes about them. Lately he talks about them. Eventually he will play them in front of a camera. In the meantime, he will be frying his eyes playing Virtual Boy games, and frying his brain with licensed Gameboy Color games. Follow him on Instagram @Dr.Professordoctor, because thats all he really uses anymore.