Nintendo Switch Hacked: Exploits Made Public Online

Nintendo Switch Hacked: Exploits Made Public Online

The Nintendo Switch hacked and manufacturers may not be able to fix it… ever!

Two hackers who go by the names fail0verflow and Kate Temik have delivered exploits for the Nintendo Switch, fully documenting the details online. Digital Foundry says that this particular exploit “cannot be patched.”

The Details

Fail0verflow says that the exploit is meant to be used for good, rather than piracy, like other patches in the past. “Given our experience with past consoles, we’ve been wary of releasing vulnerability details or exploits for fear of them being used primarily for piracy rather than homebrew.”

He goes on to say, “90 days ago, we begun the responsible disclosure process with Google, as Tegra chips are often used in Android devices. The disclosure deadline has now lapsed. The bug will be made public sooner or later, likely sooner, so we might as well release now along with our Linux boot chain and kernel tree, to make it very clear that we are doing this for fun and homebrew, and nothing else.”

“Since this bug is in the Boot ROM, it cannot be patched without a hardware revision, meaning all switch units in existence today are vulnerable, forever.”

“Nintendo can only patch Boot ROM Bugs during the manufacturing process. Since the vulnerability occurs very early in the boot process, it allows extraction of all data and secrets, including the Boot ROM itself and all cryptographic keys. It can also be used to unbrick any Tegra device as long as it has not suffered hardware damage or irreversible changes…”

Let’s hope these details don’t fall into the hands of those who DO want to use the exploit for piracy. For more on this story and all things Nintendo Switch, keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers.

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