No Man’s Sky Release Date for Xbox One Revealed

No Man’s Sky Release Date for Xbox One Revealed

This March, it was revealed that No Man’s Sky will be released for the Xbox One, followed with some major updates to the game. Fans of the game are tentatively looking forward to the added content, as few have forgotten the controversy surrounding the No Man’s Sky’s first release. 

No Man’s Sky is an open world survival game where the player traverses across unique planets throughout the universe. While exploring these different planets, you gather resources, communicate with natives, and log information to learn all you can about your environment.

Details about the upcoming updates have yet to be revealed; however, the summer release date appears to have been leaked by the Amazon Italy listing. While there has been no confirmation from the developers, June 29th seems to be the official release date for No Man’s Sky’s revival.

Unfortunately, the first release of the game was met with tepid response at best, with the “Mostly Negative” review status on its Steam page coupled with a whopping $60 price tag. While some cite the hype during No Man’s Sky’s development to be a key factor in garnering this negativity, others simply don’t enjoy the repetitive nature of the game. There are many, however, who enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and feel like the updates are slowly redeeming what was previously a lackluster experience.

According to the March release announcement, the Xbox One’s version of No Man’s Sky will retain all the previous improvements added to the game, as well as another game-changing enhancements, although details regarding the update are scarce.

We can tentatively assume that No Man’s Sky will be released on June 29th for the Xbox One, complete with multiple free upgrades to the game, as well as Xbox One X HDR and 4K enhancements.

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