Days Gone Attempts to Combat ‘Zombie Fatigue’

Days Gone Attempts to Combat ‘Zombie Fatigue’

During the Sony conference during E3 2016, it was announced that Days Gone, a new open-world zombie game, was in the works to be released for the PS4. While open-world games have been steadily growing in popularity the past fews years, many were skeptical. This was mostly due to the oversaturation of zombies in media, that has left many players fatigued with the concept of the living dead, no matter how new or fresh the take is.

In an interview with Game Informer, the creative director of Days Gone, John Garvin, reveals details about the game that will hopefully combat the zombie fatigue that has plagued gamers in recent years. When asked what he believes separates Days Gone from the other countless zombie-filled games of the past decade, Garvin replied, “We are going to be, I think, one of the first open world games that’s dangerous all the time.” Days Gone will evidently encourage the player to account for various factors when playing, such as weather, fuel, and random enemies that aren’t glued to specific areas, making the world challenging and unpredictable.

Garvin states that the constant threats and changing scenery make the environment and atmosphere of the game more realistic and “brutal”, but not unfair. Hopefully, this will be done without creating artificial difficulty stemming from sending hordes of inconvenient enemies your way, as seen in many RPG and shooter games. At the core of Days Gone, Garvin wants to develop an authentic experience, where the player would feel immersed in every aspect of the game, from the character design to the cinematography. He doesn’t want anything to feel “artificial” or “super gamey” when playing, and hopes that people will be able to look past the overabundance of zombie media and enjoy Days Gone.

At the end of the interview, John Garvin sends a message out to all the skeptics watching: “We are not the zombie game you think we are.” Hopefully this is proven true with the game’s eventual release, which has been postponed to 2019.

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