Our E3 2018 Predictions – Fallout Online, New Star Wars, Halo, & More!

Our E3 2018 Predictions – Fallout Online, New Star Wars, Halo, & More!

Square Enix

Sarah Hecker

Kingdom Hearts 3 will finally get a definite release date. The game is still scheduled for 2018, so if Square Enix is going to announce its release at all now would be the time to do it.

Jason Arriola

The Final Fantasy VII remake is taking longer to produce than originally intended. Most likely it’ll be pushed to next generation for eventual release. By E3 2020, Square-Enix will say F$%& It, take the remake’s assets and rename it Final Fantasy XVI.

Laura Mazerall

After the lights in the venue dim, the first ten minutes of the conference will be held in complete silence. The screen will begin playing the intro from the original Final Fantasy VII, taking us through the streets of Midgar following everyone’s favorite flower girl along the way. The graphic will then morph to show the teaser intro of the alleged remake we keep being told will someday happen with updated graphics. It will look awesome, we will be wowed even though we’ve seen the footage before. Abruptly the sound of a record being scratched will echo through the hall and the video will turn to a screen of white noise. A gif of Sephiroth stabbing Aeris in the back will cycle on repeat for a half hour as the lights slowly turn back on. The “Troll Song” will accompany enraged attendees out into the street as they hold each other for strength to make it through another false alarm.

Mark Kriska

This show is going to be huge with hype. Final Fantasy VII remake, Kingdom Hearts III, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, The Avengers…and these are all games we know about! Square has a giant bar to reach and I’m not sure if there will be enough room for a big unannounced reveal. That’s not to say they won’t though. Final Fantasy XVI is still a rumor along with another expansion on to Final Fantasy XV. So honestly anything is possible at this show and I can’t begin to predict what will come.

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