Madden NFL Franchise Is Challenged With Questionable Future

Madden NFL Franchise Is Challenged With Questionable Future

Madden NFL has always stood as one of the very best football franchises in the video game industry. It has been crowned as one of the greatest sports games ever created and year after year, it continues to try to evolve to become better than its predecessor to keep the franchise fresh. Throughout these trials and tribulations one thing has always stood true – the creative expressions and experience of the game have always stood tall; giving the player a sense of hope each and every year. But this year, the franchise is undoubtedly challenged with a questionable future as far as creative works stand.

Earlier this month, the creative director of the Madden NFL franchise decided to leave the company. Rex Dickson had previously held the position for six years and over a decade with EA Tiburon, the studio that is behind the Madden NFL series.

Dickson made the announcement via Twitter stating:

Now most people would probably think that losing the creative director for a football franchise is not that big of a deal. It is a game that is released annually, along with the fact at the end of the day, it all ends up being about X’s and O’s and which player is positioned where between the line of scrimmage. But over the years, Rex has evolved the Madden NFL franchise into a finely tuned creative machine. You don’t have to go very far to see the progress either. Just last year, a new mode released in the game called Longshot featured the first ever story mode within the game. It may have been a bit rough around the edges, and it was a bit ambitious for a sports game but it was still a new creative direction that otherwise may not have been explored without Rex’s direction. Presentation within the game became much more cinematic as well with more of a television broadcast feel within the game in recent years.

[pullquote]Madden has always been a good football game and I believe it was on the verge of becoming great.[/pullquote]

So, where do we go from here? Madden’s creative director who was at the helm for almost a decade is no longer with the company and not many details have been revealed about Madden NFL 19 yet aside from Terrell Owens being on the cover of the Hall Of Fame Edition, along with a very short clip which can be seen below. Aside from that, a few screenshots have been released, but as far as a creative vision, not much has been revealed yet. We will probably get more details around E3 2018 in just a little more than a week from now but it is clear that the creative vision of the game is taking a completely new direction. In Rex’s tweet, he hints at these revelations as well stating, “…giving the team, the community and the Madden NFL franchise a chance for a new direction”. What new direction is Rex speaking of? Surely it is something on the creative side, otherwise he would not have departed from his team.

Madden has always been a good football game and I believe it was on the verge of becoming great. This year’s release will give us a hint on which direction the game is taking in terms of a creative vision. Will there be a new single player mode included in the game? Will the game continue to improve on presentation giving us instant replays of simulated games? Time will tell. But without the team’s usual creative director leading the way, there is no doubt that the creative direction for the Madden NFL franchise is in question, and the future of its games are most definitely in question as well. Creative doubt has loomed over the franchise, and it remains to be seen what the creative vision of the Madden franchise will be this year. We’ll find out at E3 (maybe even prior to that) but until then, you can rest assured that there are some big time changes coming for this year’s game.

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