May The Fourth be With Us: Fun Things For Star Wars Day 2018

May The Fourth be With Us: Fun Things For Star Wars Day 2018

May The Fourth is upon us! The day we all gather around and laugh at a pun. This also means we get to experience lots of Star Wars themed goodies! Whether it is a themed yummy treat, or even a sweet deal on some of the wonderful Star Wars games! Even if it is just because of a pun, people enjoy both Star Wars and celebrating things!

What is a celebration without food? Sweet food while we’re at it! Over on the Star Wars website, you can find a collection of different recipes for Star Wars inspired treats that will make any mouth water. If sweet treats aren’t your thing, they even have a recipe for Chewbacca noodle rolls! You’ll also be able to find some fun deals and even a song for Star Wars Day; which will get anyone in the Jedi mood!

Humble Bundle

Even Humble Bundle has the Star Wars fever, offering everyone 66% off on select Star Wars game titles. If you don’t know what Humble Bundle is, it’s an online web store that offers monthly deals on different video games, with a percentage of what you pay going to a select charity. They also have a special on select ebooks, and software packages, which also provide to charity. For their bundles, you can pay what you’d like; with larger amounts getting more of the bundle. To get all of the content of a bundle, it normally only requires around $20 or more. This may save you a lot of money on a good game, but it also ensures that the money you spend on those games provides help to those who need it most.

With all this wonderful Star Wars themed stuff, it’s no wonder why so many people enjoy celebrating a day about one of their beloved space stories! And with lots of love from everyone at Mammoth Gamers; May The Fourth be with you!'

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