Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Announced

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Announced

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is releasing for the Nintendo Switch on August 8th, 2018. With everyone still grinding away in Monster Hunter World, Capcom is readying up for their next title. This Ultimate release for their Nintendo 3DS game will allow for the transfer of data from one game to another, much like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the Sony PSP. Since Monster Hunter got a remake, Monster Hunter G, it’s common for games in the series to get a remake or release. Even with Monster Hunter World pending its PC release, people are already wondering when a PC port of Monster Hunter Ultimate will receive its remake release.

A remake for a Monster Hunter game always means two things: new monsters and a new questing level. New monsters means a new flagship monster, which appears to be a rocket powered dragon from the trailer. While this most likely will not mean any of the new monsters from Monster Hunter World, it might mean a lot of new unseen monsters. Monster Hunter Generations was created to bring a bunch of monsters from different generations into one game for everyone to hunt, but this leaves few monsters left to add.

It could mean more variations of ones we’ve already seen, or even monsters who didn’t make the cut last time. As for a new questing level, remakes of Monster Hunter games normally contain what is known as G-Rank. G-Rank is basically a harder version of high ranking quests, but reward new G-Rank leveled items for crafting G-Rank grade armor and weapons. This is something a lot of the fan base have been waiting for as better gear means better hunting.

What of Monster Hunter World? Capcom is still actively working on the PC port and have yet to give out a release date. In January, it was announced that the team is aiming for a Fall 2018 release, but are struggling with their servers. When released on the PS4 and Xbox, Monster Hunter World uses the matchmaking servers of that platform; however for PC, the team must create their own matchmaking servers. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the other hand, will be a user-to-user connection, and is a remake of an already existing game. Monster Hunter World is still blossoming as its own entry in the series, but this could mean that we can expect a G-Rank release of Monster Hunter World some time after its PC release.


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