Mootcast Episode 2: Hockey Boyz, Apologies, and Dead Cells

The Mootcast is just a couple of BFFs talking about some GVGs. That’s “Good Video Games” to people in the know. Only sometimes they’re bad video games. Like Mary Kate and Ashley’s Get a Clue for the Gameboy Color. Come cringe with us as we learn our way around the internet. This week, Brian tries to understand hockey. It doesn’t work. Brian doesn’t like sports. But he does like Dead Cells. Mark likes sports. Because Mark likes things that are dumb. Brian got to write the description again. Join us by listening to Mootcast Episode 2: Hockey Boyz.

Topics of conversation this week include more God of War, more Dead Cells, a distinct lack of things to discuss, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Most of the episode is meandering general discussion with little direction. Which is what we do best.

We would like to apologize for the audio issues present in this episode. We did not pull it together. Our current setup has us recording stream audio versus recording locally, and we had some connection issues that lead to some very broken audio. We are going to change things up next week, and record our audio locally while talking on a stream. Hopefully that solves all of the issues we’ve been having.

Once again, tune in next week to find out if we can pull ourselves together, and in the meantime hit up the comments section to tell us what a bad job we did.

Brian Miller plays video games. Sometimes he writes about them. Lately he talks about them. Eventually he will play them in front of a camera. In the meantime, he will be frying his eyes playing Virtual Boy games, and frying his brain with licensed Gameboy Color games. Follow him on Instagram @Dr.Professordoctor, because thats all he really uses anymore.