Mootcast Episode 3: Prison Boyz and Red Dead

Mootcast Episode 3: Prison Boyz and Red Dead

The Mootcast is just a couple of BFF’s talking about some GVG’s. That’s “Good Video Games” to people in the know. Only sometimes they’re bad video games. Like Mary Kate and Ashley’s Get a Clue for the Gameboy Color. Come cringe with us as we learn our way around the internet. We almost nailed it this week. Almost. We tried local recordings, but Mark’s didn’t quite work out. So we had to rely on our stream audio backup. Sorry everyone, we’ll get this down eventually. This week, we get a little “potty-mouthed”, discuss Doritos Gigante, talk a little Red Dead, and touch on Brian’s love for Saints Row 4. Also Brian’s voice is doing something fun this episode and he doesn’t understand why. That part wasn’t an equipment issue. That’s just him. Come cringe with us, and stick around for next week when we actually figure this stuff out. Maybe.

Topics of conversation this week include Read Dead 2, bathroom dominance, horrible food mistakes, Destiny 2, Brian’s uncomfortably deep voice, and Saints Row 4. We really do apologize for our audio issues. We still have a few kinks to work out, and we will get them fixed as soon as our incompetence gives way to experience. Thank you for bearing with us.

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Brian Miller

Brian Miller plays video games. Sometimes he writes about them. Lately he talks about them. Eventually he will play them in front of a camera. In the meantime, he will be frying his eyes playing Virtual Boy games, and frying his brain with licensed Gameboy Color games. Follow him on Instagram @Dr.Professordoctor, because thats all he really uses anymore.