Nintendo Announces How to Play Super Smash Bros. on Switch at E3

Nintendo Announces How to Play Super Smash Bros. on Switch at E3

Nintendo has been slowly teasing what hopes to be a giant E3 for them.  With the successes of the Switch, a lot of people have been clamoring for the major franchises on Nintendo to release new games.  One of the big ones that has been announced is Super Smash Bros.  One of the best selling games on the N64, Gamecube, 3DS and the Wii has been the Super Smash Bros. franchise.  It has been an international phenomenon for the better part of 20 years and seeks to keep going. Combine that with how popular Nintendo is, it seems to be that there needed to be a plan of attack for demoing out this game. People in the past have literally trampled others to get in line at the Nintendo booth at E3, so they recognized this and came up with a solution. With safety and people actually getting to play the game in mind, the company announced that they would be following the footsteps of Sony and Microsoft by making E3 attendees to sign up to play their new game. They stated:

“To shorten the time fans will need to wait in line to try it, Nintendo invites E3 attendees to reserve play slots ahead of time for just this game. This should provide fans with a faster, smoother experience so they can play the Super Smash Bros. game and spend more time enjoying the rest of the June 12-14 show.”

This is great news for some and annoying news for others, as these slots will likely fill up incredibly fast.  However, if you are that interested in the game, you will sign up and it will feel more organized and fair than years past.  While reserving your time slot, players will be allowed to choose one of two game play modes to try out. First one being “For Fun” Mode, which would be a much more laid back difficulty level and the “For Glory” Mode, which will be fast paces and a huge challenge. Information on how to sign up will be released around June 5th, if you are planning on attending. If you want to check out the teaser Nintendo released in March of this year, check out the video below.  Set to release later this year, be on the lookout for gameplay impressions and videos all around the internet come this time next month.  For more E3 news, keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers.

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