Taki Revealed for Soul Calibur VI

Taki Revealed for Soul Calibur VI

The original ninja character of Soul Calibur makes her return after her absence in Soul Calibur V.

Originally leaked online yesterday, Bandai Namco has officially released the HD trailer today. Taki is coming to Soul Calibur VI, joining Siegfried, Sophitia, Ivy, Mitsurugi, and others. Armed with her dual blades, Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru, Taki brings her unique ninja style to the stage of history.

This time around, she is donning a ninja mask similar to her design in Soul Calibur 3. She also dons the familiar red outfit with armored shoulder pads. Taki’s outfit does appear to have ninja signs materialize on her armor when she fights, but it’s unclear yet if these signs only show up when she does powerful attacks or if these are small buffs.

The trailer shows off Taki’s capabilities in deadly speed and acrobatics. As she is a ninja, she utilizes hand signs during combat. She appears to be capable of throwing blue projectiles and then dashing afterwards to close the gap. Another trick she was shown to have is placing a bomb on the opponent then blowing it up into an aerial combo.

Taki is a character that’s been one of the series iconic fighters since Soul Edge. She was also playable in most entries of the series until she was notably absent in Soul Calibur V in favor of newcomer Natsu.

As of right now, we still don’t have a release date for Soul Calibur VI other than its coming out sometime before the end of 2018. With that said, Bandai Namco has yet to confirm nor deny if the September 27th release date on an Amazon listing is real or not. Until then, we may just have to wait. Maybe we’ll finally get a release date during E3.

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