Mario Tennis Aces receives backlash for lack of “traditional tennis”

Mario Tennis Aces receives backlash for lack of “traditional tennis”

Nintendo’s most recent tennis game, Mario Tennis Aces, launched June 22nd, after building up an adequate amount of hype via its free demo release on May 24th and Nintendo Direct spotlight.

In the few days since its release, Mario Tennis Aces has garnered some rather mixed reviews. Many view it as an enjoyable sports game, although most reviews agree that while fun, it’s not breaking any barriers in the realm of Mario games.

A surprising amount of controversy has been stirred over the lack of a traditional tennis mode, as the matches found in Mario Tennis Aces are much more streamlined to fit the child-friendly Nintendo brand. While a normal tennis match revolves around winning sets, where a player must win 6 games in order to be victorious, Aces utilizes a best-of-three system, allowing for games to be much more fast-paced than normal tennis.

Some players are so upset over the absence of a traditional mode that they are demanding refunds, and there are debates going strong on Reddit arguing whether or not these limitations ruin all the fun provided by Aces. The overall consensus appears to be that Mario Tennis Aces is a fast-paced, entertaining game, and if you really feel so strongly about the lack of a traditional mode, either don’t buy the game or wait for it to be on sale.

Mario Tennis Aces is available on the Switch for $59.99 now, so if you’re not bothered by the new games modes that don’t include normal tennis matches, there’s sure to be loads of fun to be had.

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