Maxi Joins the Soul Calibur VI Roster

Maxi Joins the Soul Calibur VI Roster

Another fan favorite fighter joins the Soul Calibur VI roster, Maxi, The Dandy Of The South Seas.

Our favorite nunchaku-wielding pirate enters the stage of history to bring his quick fighting style to the latest entry in the Soul Calibur series. Bandai Namco has officially revealed Maxi’s gameplay trailer, giving us a glimpse at what Maxi will be bringing to the table.

Using his treasured Fatibal, Maxi takes on his opponents using the Shissen Karihandi fighting style. Maxi relies on short-range but very fast attacks that will put the opponent at a disadvantage. In the trailer the trailer, Maxi’s playstyle puts a focus on speed. Maxi fights how he has in past games: using a lot of quick nunchaku strikes, parries, and tons of flare. If you’ve ever fought a Maxi player, you know very well that have to stay on your toes when facing him 1v1. Experienced Maxi players can string together multiple hit combos in order to keep constant pressure on the opponent.

Maxi is a returning character to the Soul Calibur series. His first appearance was in the original Soul Calibur, and he went on to join the roster of every main numbered entry.

After these last few reveals, I’m ready to see some more surprising reveals for Soul Calibur VI. The last few reveals have been stables of the series so I think it’s time Bandai Namco reveals someone we won’t see coming like Talem, Setsuka, Yun-seong or maybe even customizable characters.

I’m also ready to see some more information around Soul Calibur VI’s release. It’s most likely the game will release sometime during fall, but any definite information would be nice. Maybe we’ll get an info dump during E3.

Soul Calibur VI is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

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