Square Enix Admits Final Fantasy VII & Kingdom Hearts 3 Announced Too Early

When developing highly anticipated video games, planning for the announcements and trailer reveals is never easy. Square Enix has it particularly rough when creating content for two of their most popular franchises. Tetsuya Nomura, the game developer for both Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy VII remake, has admitted that these games were announced too early, although for a good reason.

During an interview with Multiplayer (translated into English by Kingdom Hearts Insider), Nomura explains the thought process that goes into deciding when to release what information for upcoming games. He expresses that, while some companies are able to wait until the last minute to reveal plans for new games, “we receive pressure from the fans even when we do not announce anything. They’re always asking us ‘are you working on this?’ or ‘why don’t you make a sequel for that?’”. This adds a certain stress onto Square Enix to deliver news to fans as quickly as possible, even when new content is merely in the beginning stages of development.

Furthermore, once a games is announced to be in progress, the outcry shifts from “will you be working on this” to “when will it release?” or “when will you show a new trailer?”. The confirmation for the Final Fantasy VII remake was released in 2015, and since then it’s been revealed that the actual game might be delayed another five years. While some fans were agitated by the news, was it really such a surprise?

There seems to be no solution that satisfies everyone. If Square Enix postpones announcements, fans get restless and wonder if there’s anything new being planned for their favorite franchises; however, if announced too soon, fans will become similarly impatient regarding new trailers and updates on the confirmed games.  

Nomura admits that the biggest reason why Square Enix must announce new games so early is to deter leaks that could be posted during development. He states, “I prefer that we officially reveal our games instead of seeing a leak or a rumor circulating online. Especially when part of the development is outsourced to other companies, there is always the risk that people outside the in-house team will spread information and images online.” So, while acknowledging that the Final Fantasy VII remake was revealed too early, it was a better decision in the long run when compared to keeping it a secret.

Square Enix certainly has a lot to deliver on, as their recent E3 conference has given an official release date to Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as other games in the works. Hopefully the fans’ patience will pay off, and we’ll be rewarded with quality additions to many beloved franchises.

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