Team Sonic Racing Revives Big the Cat (Amy is Here Too)

The recent Sonic Birthday 2018 event in Tokyo saw the reveal of three new characters for Team Sonic Racing. You will be able to play as Big the Cat, Amy Rose, and Four Chao, which is four Chao driving a single car. This lineup is similar to Team Rose from Sonic Heroes with Cream being swapped out with Four Chao.

Previously announced characters include Sonic, Tails, Knuckles alongside Shadow, Rogue, and Omega. Both of these teams are also from Sonic Heroes, Team Sonic, and Team Dark respectively. Team Sonic Racing will have a total of 15 characters in the base game. There is no info on if there will be any DLC characters however  there are still 6 characters (or 2 teams) left to reveal.

If SEGA decides to continue the trend of Sonic Heroes teams, we may get Team Chaotix consisting of Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee. The remaining characters could be any mixture of villains or side characters. Some good choices would be Blaze the Cat, Eggman, and Silver the Hedgehog. It’s quite surprising that Eggman has yet to be announced since he is the main antagonist of Sonic. Other villains that could make an appearance include Infinity from Sonic Forces, or Chaos from Sonic Adventure. Personally, I would like to see Sticks from Sonic Boom, but SEGA may not want to revisit that particular series.

team sonic racing

He’s back! And he’s bigger than ever.

Team Sonic Racing is looking to be a solid kart racer that will expand on SEGA All-Stars Transformed. It’s a shame that they’re cutting all non-Sonic characters, but the focus on a single franchise can help increase the overall quality. While the base character roster is small, this is a brand new title and can be expected to gradually develop over time. The team racing mechanic sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to checkout what types of combinations are possible. For information about Team Sonic Racing, check out the official Steam page here.

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