Team Sonic Racing’s new trailer promises High-Speed Action

Sega has released a brand-new Team Sonic Racing gameplay trailer, giving fans a sneak peek at some of the race tracks, cars, and fan favorite characters coming to the game this winter.

The trailer offers a more in-depth peek at the gameplay, showing quick clips of action. Set to energetic rock music by Crush 40 (the group best known for its Sonic the Hedgehog music), the trailer shows Sonic, Shadow, Tails, and Knuckles racing through various tracks ranging from a jungle environment to a futuristic highway.

Team Sonic Racing, developed by Sumo Digital, promises other nostalgic characters and colorful environments will appear from across the Sonic universe. Players can play either solo or within teams with up to 12 players online in a variety of single and multiplayer modes including Grand Prix, Time Travel and Team Adventure. Teammates will also be able to work together through the use of team mechanics such as Item Transfer, Slingshot and Skim Boost. Players will also be able to customize their vehicle to fit with their unique racing style whether you choose to be speedy or technical.

Finally, as previously revealed with the release of the first teaser (link) for Team Sonic Racing, the game will feature a four-player split-screen and power-ups based on Wisps, the alien characters that were introduced in Sonic Colors.

Team Sonic Racing will be released this winter for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and digitally for Windows PC.

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