Telltale Games is Replacing Their 14-Year Old Engine

After 14 years of usage, reports are coming in that Telltale Games will be replacing its Telltale Tool engine with the latest Unity engine. These changes will be made after the release of the last season of their Walking Dead franchise, which is set for release on August 14th.

While there have been major adjustments made to the Telltale Tool engine, there is no doubt that the switch will allow for more complex animations and graphics, which will only serve to further the narratives found in many Telltale games. The first game that will utilize the new Unity engine will be their Stranger Things series, which was recently confirmed by Netflix to be in development.

The highly anticipated Wolf Among Us: Season 2 will also use the Unity engine, although its release has been delayed to 2019, possibly due to the engine switch. The change is long overdue, however, as some fans have noticed that the old engine’s graphics have been somewhat lacking in Telltale Games’ more recent installments, such as in their Guardians of the Galaxy series.  

These alterations are following a rather large upheaval within Telltale Games, as recently they’ve had to lay off a fourth of their staff in a company restructure. Hopefully this switch to the Unity engine marks a positive change to the company, and allows for the release of several more series.

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