Top 10 Most Cringey E3 Moments

E3 2018 officially kicks off tomorrow when EA is expected to hold their press conference. I always love this time of year. Like E3s past, I tend to go in with no expectations, a completely blank slate. When one does that, should something go terribly wrong, it’s like watching a really good bad movie unfold before your eyes. So, before we get overtaken by a new E3, let’s stop and take a look at some of the most cringe inducing moments from E3 over the years. Here’s our Top 10 E3 Cringey Moments!

  1. Need For A Speedy Way Off Stage, Please

Of course EA was going to start off the list in some fashion. This awkward moment happened as recently as last year. When YouTuber Jesse Wellens steps in front of the camera to promote Need For Speed Payback, he lets us know he’s a YouTube creator and immediately begins to fall apart. Poor guy. Stage fright can overcome the best of us, but I think he was trying too hard to put an edgy, cool spin on the thing. Wellens lets the audience know he’s a YouTube creator again after a cringe-inducing moment of silence. He then welcomes the executive producer and the two share a forced handshake. Poor Wellens starts shaking his head from either embarrassment or sweet relief when he doesn’t need to speak anymore.

  1. No Internet, Stick With Xbox 360

When Xbox One was revealed, fans were both confused and outraged about the then console’s need to be online 24/7. Prior to Microsoft’s E3 2013 presentation, Geoff Keighley interviewed Don Mattrick in regards to gamers who don’t always have access to the internet. Mattrick responds, “Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity, it’s called Xbox 360.” Damn. What a slap in the face. Keighley immediately follows up with the pinpoint accurate follow-up, “Right, so stick with 360, that’s your message…” and that’s when you can see an “oh crap” moment appear on Mattrick’s face as he tries to keep things from getting too negative. He basically equates gamers with no internet access to living on a nuclear submarine.

  1. Xbox One vs. PS4

Phil Spencer has been a far better successor to Xbox than Don Mattrick. However, Spencer had to pick up the pieces of the Xbox One’s ever crumbling appeal in the console’s infancy. Never mind features and system specs for the moment, everyone wants to know how much it’s going to cost. When Spencer takes the stage to reveal the Xbox One’s price of $499, he’s met with minimal to almost inaudible applause. It was a season when Xbox was doing everything wrong, and Sony decided to take advantage of it and have some fun (sharing used games). When the PlayStation keynote meeting went underway, the audience had long been won over by PS4’s no online necessary and the ability to share and play used games. When Andrew House announced the price of $399 the audience went absolutely ballistic.

  1. It’s Ridge Racer!!!

Yes, there was a time when even PlayStation was off their game. Remember the asking price of the PS3 at $599? Ouch. That’s what happened at E3 2006, but while that could be put on a most “disappointing” list of E3 moments, we’re here to cringe. The PSP was also a key feature at Sony’s presentation that year. Ridge Racer was headed to PSP, and Sony made to play it up when Kaz Hirai is on stage and proclaims, “It’s Ridge Racer! Riiidge Racer!” The cherry on top is really the time the demo takes to boot up before Kaz Hirai even announces what game it is. The audience is kept on edge the whole time. To quote Kaz himself, “Oh, this brings back memories.”

  1. Sooo uuumm sooo uhhh… Battle Tag

Before Aisha Tyler became Ubisoft’s mouthpiece at E3, in 2010 they had comedian Joel McHale host that year’s press conference. McHale begins his next segment when his speech is cut short. The lights dim and people with laser guns and harnesses run down the aisle. One such person does a cartwheel into a dive onstage… what? Gael Seydoux is welcomed to the stage to talk about a product nobody wanted. Like you’re really going to do cartwheels and backflips in your backyard. Gael then basically forces “James”… sorry, Joel, to endure one of the most awkward two minutes of his life when he has to demo the game onstage.

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