Monster Hunter World PC Release Date Revealed

Monster Hunter World has been set to get its PC release on August 9, 2018. Much like when the PS4 and Xbox One versions were announced, the PC edition is available for pre-order, in which doing so grants the Origin Armor Set and the Fair Wind Charm; two items that will aid a great deal in the first part of the game. The price tag for pre-order is $59.99 and then $70.46 for the Deluxe Edition Bundle, which is said to have a 6% discount. The deluxe version is always tempting, but keep in mind that Capcom has stated that there will be no paid DLC for this title; only cosmetic add-ons. The Deluxe Edition comes with the deluxe kit, which includes Samurai inspired emotes and cosmetics, allowing any armor set in the game to look like a suit of Samurai armor.

Monster Hunter World will be using keyboard and mouse but will allow for the mapping of keys if the default isn’t to your liking. Capcom has stated that the monsters added to the console version in the recent updates will come to PC at later dates. This means that new players will get the full experience, or at least one similar, to those that played it on PS4 and Xbox One at console launch.

If you are looking to run Monster Hunter World on your PC, you might need to look into new computer parts. While there is no answer to know just how well a computer can run Monster Hunter World, unless you have the parts listed by Capcom, it is clear that a computer that can rival the hardware of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One will be needed.

With Monster Hunter World coming to the PC, will we be seeing fan-made mods that bring the monsters of older generations huntable? Or maybe even some other mods that enhance gameplay in other ways; from adding new weapon types to removing Bazelgeuse encounters!

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