Erasing Another Player’s Pokémon File: An Issue I Didn’t Expect

Erasing Another Player’s Pokémon File: An Issue I Didn’t Expect

I did something recently that many gamers scoff at: I bought a used game. Now, hear me out, I couldn’t buy this game new since it is no longer in print. The game in question? Pokémon SoulSilver for the Nintendo DS. I don’t usually purchase used games, but I was at my wits end on finding this one. I’ve been on a Pokémon kick since I started replaying Pokémon Go during the summer, and I missed playing the second generation of games.

After tracking the game down, driving across town, and overpaying for a nearly ten-year-old game, I was excited to boot up my newest purchase. This isn’t my first adventure through Johto. As a kid, I put hundreds of hours trying to catch ‘em all for the second time. I remember meeting up with friends, and trading my version-exclusive Pokémon for their version-exclusives. I remember battling and finding out who’s ‘mons reigned supreme, at least for that day. I remember that fateful day of finding out I could return to Kanto and seeing how time had passed since my original journey just a few years before that. Don’t even get me started about battling Red on top of Mount Silver, still to this day, one of the most iconic and epic moments in gaming history.

Pokemon Gold Silver Screenshot

I remember in 2009 purchasing Pokémon SoulSilver and playing that journey all over again. Hell, in 2017, I bought a digital copy for my 3DS, though I never got around to finishing it.

This time, booting up this copy was different. Since I bought a used game, I saw a saved file from another trainer. I figured the game would be wiped clean upon trade-in, or at least once it was tested, the GameStop employee would have done the job. The unexpected problem that I’ve encountered: I’m having a hard time erasing their file.

Pokemon SoulSilver Screenshot

I decided to load up the existing file on the game cart. After the brief load, a male trainer stood in front of an Espeon. I’ll call them C for their privacy. I don’t know when C started their adventure. Their trainer card said 2001, which I know isn’t possible since this version released in 2009, I’m assuming their DS time clock was set to an incorrect date. What I do know is that they spent 54 hours and 56 minutes during their journey through Johto. I also saw they have all eight gym badges, but it doesn’t look like they’ve conquered the Elite Four.

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