Fan Trailer For Chrono Break Is The Best Thing Ever

Fan Trailer For Chrono Break Is The Best Thing Ever

Simon Anderson, the creator of Owlboy, has made a stunning fan trailer for Chrono Break. Seriously, it’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It’ll capture you to the very end at which point you realise that this is never going to happen. Then, a sinking feeling of sadness seeps through your now crushed soul. But you keep watching it. Again and again until you’ve picked out every minor detail. You can view the video below and join me in these emotions:

There’s so much packed into this minute-long trailer. It acts as a concept of sorts for what Chrono Break could’ve been. Chrono Break was supposed to be the third game in the Chrono series. It was trademarked by Squaresoft during the PS2 era, but never saw the light of day. Now, we are left wondering about what the game was all about. Simon gives us his take on it, and it is phenomenal.

From what we can see, the two characters shown off include Janus and old-woman Lucca. The latter also seems to be carrying a machine which looks similar to Robo, one of the original cast. There are other cool differences as well. The Reptites seem to be living in the future, suggesting they weren’t wiped out during prehistoric times. There was also a priest type character that could be a Lavos worshipper. I can’t even begin to imagine the storylines possible with this guy.

The music in the trailer was composed by Jonathan Geer, who worked on the soundtrack for Owlboy. His musical additions are spot on. They ’re new tracks, but with some of the original ones woven in. I could hear a bit of “Corridors of Time”, as well as the main Chrono Trigger theme. The more you watch it, the more easter eggs you’ll find.

This is such an amazing concept. It captures everything I love about Chrono Trigger while adding fresh new aspects. All done in one minute. It even has the pendulum swinging! It ’s a huge shame that Squaresoft hasn’t touched this franchise for decades. They have shown willingness to revisit old games with the Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VII remake. Somehow, one of the best games they have ever made managed to miss out. But that’s okay. As this video shows, Chrono Trigger will live in our hearts forever.


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