God of War’s New Game Plus Details

The PlayStation.Blog has provided some details on God of War’s forthcoming New Game+ Mode. Those eager to return to another adventure with Kratos and Atreus are sure to be pleased.

Firstly, New Game+ Mode will be available for all gamers when a new patch for God of War goes live on August 20th. Bear in mind that players will have needed to complete the main story of God of War on any difficulty in order to access New Game+ Mode.

The new Game+ Mode can be best described as containing stronger and more difficult enemies, new gear to build, and the ability to skip cinematics scenes (but who wouldwant to do that).

PlayStation.Blog provides the details below:

  • Replay the story with all previous armors, enchantments, resources, talismans, and abilities on any difficulty.
  • Enemies will now be harder to defeat, with some having changed their plan of attack.
  • A new resource called “Skap Slag” will go hand-on-hand with a brand new rarity level of equipment that surpasses the Epic Tier of rare armors.
  • New armors sets and enchantments provide new customization options.
  • The ability to skip cinematics will take effect for both Normal and New Game+ Modes.

Sounds like a good time to dust off that Leviathan Axe and finish up the campaign and any side quests before the update drops in just over a week. Although it seems rather curious to see an option to skip cinematics added to the next patch, but I can’t understand why it was made an option. God of War is the best narrative experience I’ve had on the PlayStation 4 since the console’s launch. I won’t have any use for it because I’m sure there were elements to the story that I could use a refresher on.

What feature in God of War’s New Game+ Mode are you most looking forward to trying? For more information on God of War, be sure to follow Mammoth Gamers.

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