Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct: What is the “Mysterious Mode”?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct: What is the “Mysterious Mode”?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate busted the door wide open today with all kinds of news and information leading up to the release of the game. Including battle changing stages (which we predicted), new characters and so much more. But one thing in particular that caught my eye was the mysterious and unrevealed game mode that was hidden at the end of the Smash Bros. Direct this morning while the main menu was shown off to viewers for the very first time. What could this mysterious mode be? I have some ideas on what it could be but first, let’s start off with the most obvious one that everyone has been asking for.

Adventure Mode/Subspace Emissary

For those who aren’t up to par with Super Smash Bros lore, Subspace Emissary was an adventure mode that was introduced in Super Smash Bros Brawl. The mode served as a single-player adventure and platformer as players gathered items jumping from ledges and fighting characters associated with the stage you were journeying through. Involving all of the characters, the mode had a plot that although wasn’t the best, still provided for hours of entertainment. An Adventure Mode of sorts would be great for players who play Super Smash Bros by themselves more often than they play with friends (like me, unfortunately). It would be nice to see this mode make a return as fans have been calling out for it since the reveal during E3 2018.

Smash Tower

This gameplay mode would work similarly to Mortal Kombat, where players would face a string of fighters in stock rounds or timed battle. After winning the battle, your fighter would move on to the next fighter until they reach the top of the tower to fight a boss. The idea would be as you move up the tower, your opponent would become more challenging requiring you to be skillful for whichever character you pick at the beginning. Losing would require the player to start over so forgiveness would not be accepted in this mode and would definitely create rage quits within the game.

Home-Run Contest, Break The Targets

Home-Run Contest is something that has been in Super Smash Bros since Super Smash Bros Melee. The object is simple: beat the crap out of a sandbag to raise the percentage on it and crack it with a smash attack before the time runs out. The player that launches the sandbag the furthest from the station wins. Pretty simple, but a mode that is fun and can be played over and over. Break The Targets has been around since the inception of the game and would be blasphemy if it wasn’t included in Smash Ultimate. The object is simple: break as many targets as you can in the allotted time. Definitely a mode for players who love to speedrun games! Either of these modes or a combination of the two would make for tons of fun.

Overall, whichever mode Nintendo has decided to throw into the game it will undoubtedly be a hit. The company has put in a lot of time and effort in this iteration of Super Smash Bros., and it is really showing. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is starting to shape up to be the best one yet, and no matter what happens with this mysterious mode, the game will be a system seller this holiday season making the game difficult to find alone with the Nintendo Switch console itself as well. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is set to release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on December 7th, 2018. For more, make sure you keep it locked right here to Mammoth Gamers!

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