Raphael and Cervantes leaked for Soul Calibur VI

Raphael and Cervantes leaked for Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur VI has been steadily revealing new characters and modes coming to long awaited sequel, but some of its content is still under wraps. However, a recent fighting game tournament in Melbourne, Australia has shown off some new fighters ahead of their official reveals.

Players attending the event have taken photos of the updated character select screen revealing both Cervantes and Raphael. The images also appear to show up to four more potential character slots for Soul Calibur VI which could be reserved for the game’s upcoming DLC fighters.

soul calibur vi leak

While screens alone can be doctored, it’s much more difficult to make up fake gameplay. Although YouTube has already taken the gameplay videos down, a backup video on Japanese video site Bilibili still has gameplay up, and footage looks legitimate. You can even see the two characters using some of Soul Calibur VI’s new tricks like Reversal Edge.

The two characters are sporting new looks different from their Soul Calibur V days. Raphael is ditched his vampire treads from Soul Calibur V in favor of a brighter, more traditional french outfit. Raphael wields his signature rapier, Flambert and still utilizes a fencing fighting style, allowing him to dodge and attack his enemies. Cervantes is back to being an undead pirate lord, while still wielding his signature dual swords. Not only does Cervantes wield his familiar weapons, he can also still utilize teleportation, gun shots, and spin move.

It’s no real surprise these two characters would make it into the game since they’ve both appeared in every main game roster since their first appearance. Bandai Namco has yet to officially confirm the two characters or even acknowledge the leak entirely. But with the game releasing in little over a month away, we’ll get our answers soon enough.

Soul Calibur VI will be releasing on October 19th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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