Gaming Music For Your Halloween – Vol. 5

Gaming Music For Your Halloween – Vol. 5

We’ve got one more Halloween-themed playlist for you before we break for the weekend. We’re going to take a slightly different approach from the more mischievous tunes of the playlists these few days past and go straight for outright disturbing. Halloween is almost here, gamers, so join us for this musical nostalgic journey to bring in the holiday.

Mephiles’ Whisper – Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

What, in your honest opinion, do you think is scarier than playing Sonic the Hedgehog, more infamously known as “Sonic 06”? If you guessed actually finishing the game from start to finish, you’d be right. But what I was actually thinking was the music for Sonic 06’s main villain, Mephiles. Mephiles is one half of an entity called Solaris, a sun god, with the other half being Iblis. Mephiles possesses a cunning mind and strongly desires to reunite with his other half to become whole and destroy the world. Mephiles also has a strong hatred for Shadow the Hedgehog, who traveled back in time to seal Mephiles away within the Scepter of Darkness. This creepy music plays the next time Mephiles meets Shadow, using his cunning to tempt Shadow into joining him in world domination (of course he’s faking it).

Gravemind – Halo 3

Although Gravemind made its first appearance in Halo 2, you’d think all that Master Chief would have to worry about is war with the Covenant, but then there was the Flood. The Flood are parasitic organisms that thrive and grow by feeding on organic life. A hive mind may be the collective intelligence of several people at once, but the Gravemind is something far more sinister. Dead matter of all types, shapes, and sizes makes it grow. With every being it takes into itself the Gravemind gains its memories, intelligence, and thus because self-aware. The Gravemind that Master Chief and the Arbiter are taken captive by is a humongous venus flytrap esque monstrocity. For all its revolting appearance, the Gravemind turns out to be both loquacious and eloquent, some of my favorite qualities in a villain. Rather than kill them outright, he tasked both Master Chief and the Arbiter with assignments for his own gain. When Gravemind resurfaces in Halo 3, Master Chief is regularly taunted by the creature.

Twinkle Twinkle – Dead Space

Dead Space, and the games that followed in the series, hold a terrifyingly dear place in my heart. I recall psyching myself up to play all three of these games with surround sound headphones. I don’t know what I was thinking. Something that I really liked about Dead Space was when it took childlike themes and put a macabre spin on them. I still blink uncontrollably in Dead Space 2 when Isaac Clarke has to make his way through a dark and bloodied elementary school. The thought of Necromorph babies and children just now sent a shiver down my spine. Nursery rhymes and the like in such settings is never a good sign of things to come. The use of “Twinkle Twinkle (Little Star)” is used wonderfully. “Up above the world so high,” paints a vivid picture of the horrors that stalk Isaac Clarke ceaselessly around the USG Ishimura, a spaceship adrift in space where the entire first game takes place.

Evil Malaise – Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 had a profound impact on not only the Resident Evil franchise, but also on the survival-horror genre itself. Ditching the archaic “tank controls” of the previous games, the over-the-shoulder camera approach has since been adopted as an industry standard. It was a change for the better. Fortunately, what didn’t disappear in Resident Evil 4 was an overhanging sense of apprehension. You still didn’t know what was waiting around the next corner for you, because there would often be noises like moans, the incessant buzzing of a chainsaw, or something or someone muttering under their breath. Leon Kennedy’s surroundings were so foreboding that it was hard to continue moving forward. It was very hard to do that whenever you heard this piece of music begin to play, as it often signaled the turn of the tide and it wouldn’t always be in your favor.

Betrayal – Silent Hill 2

A very satisfying boss battle in a horror game can be a challenging experience to impart on a gamer. Silent Hill 2 accomplished this in more than one way. This was a time when games in the genre weren’t so dependent on regular jumpscares or pure shock. Silent Hill 2 really got you to think. It threw you for a loop while it simultaneously toyed with your emotions. Pyramid Head was a sight that instinct compelled you to run away from. What happens then when running away and hiding is no longer something you do? Here was a moment in the iconic horror series when your fragile feelings and fear came crashing together.

That’ll do it for this week. On Monday we will continue with Mammoth Gamers’ Halloween-themed music playlist. Halloween is nearly upon us gamers! What spooky music are you listening to for the occasion? See you next week!

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